czech for foreigners - Individual lessons

  • for adults
    content of the lesson is prepared according your needs - general language, building up vocabulary, conversation, etc.  We can also prepare students for all types of exams (for example, A1 exam for permanent residence, etc.) or job interviews. We offer specialized courses in economics, business, accounting, engineering, automobile industry, medicine, law etc.
  • for children
    our objective is to master basic-school curriculum and to improve basic knowledge. Lessons are taught in a friendly, playful and easy way. The teachers are qualified to teach and to work with children.
  • for students
    content of the lesson is assigned according your needs. Usually we begin at your current level and continue to improve your knowledge - vocabulary, grammar and especially conversation abilities. We can also prepare students for all types of tests, exams or interviews.

Jiránkova 1137, 163 00 Praha 6, Řepy,  map
Shopping centre Ovus, Makovského 1392, 163 00 Praha 6, Řepy, map, classroom scheme here ..
Lessons can take place at your home, office, etc. You do not pay for transport within Prague.

Individual lessons are designed for one person. This is the most effective way to learn-- when the teacher makes an educational plan according to the student’s needs.
Mini-group lessons are for 2 or more persons, we recommend maximum capacity of 8 per group. Number of people does not increase the price.

Teachers and methods of teaching
Our teachers have pedagogical education, experience with teaching foreigners and knowledge of foreign languages.
We use a communicative method of teaching. From the beginning the students are led to think and express themselves only in the Czech language. Students become familiar with spoken and written language,learn basic grammar and improve their communication and comprehension skills. We also prepare students for official exams.

Exam A1 for taking out permanent residence permit in Czech republic
According to § 70  2 b), law no. 326/1999 Sb., an applicant for permanent residence has to prove their knowledge of Czech language and pass an exam at level A1.
We offer preparation for the exam - in groups or individual lessons. After finishing the course we will sign you up for the exam at a State language school that has the right to administer exams.

We use the "Do you want to speak Czech?" textbooks.
You can order textbooks here..

You can set term (date and time) according your needs (including weekends). Fill out your free time in the application form.
Lesson takes min. 2 academic hours ( 2x 45 min.), or 60 min. lessons.
You can cancel your lesson 24 hours before the planned lesson.

How to start?
Please fill out the application form and pay for the first lesson - cash in our office, or via bank transfer, we will send you bank details based on your application form.

 Price list
individual lessons
295,-/ a.h.
minigroup lessons (2 and more persons) 295,-/ a.h.

a.h. = academic hour = 45 min.

Discount of 5% - for advance payment of 40 a.h.


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